The Conference and Cultural Center of the University of Thessaly is located in South Pelion, 43 km. from city of Volos. It is housed in the buildings of an old monastery of the 18th century (the Monastery of Agios Nikolaos) which were donated in 1985 by the community of Argalasti to the University which, respecting the historicity of the complex, proceeded to the necessary restoration and reconstruction. This complex managed by the Property Utilization Company of the University of Thessaly (EDAP / PTH) is fully equipped, operates all year round and can host summer schools and small working groups, as well as cultural events (concerts, exhibitions…). The natural beauty and its location – near Argalasti and at a junction of the road and hiking communication network of the villages of southern Pelion – make it an ideal place for scientific and cultural events. We invite you to visit it.

You can learn more about the old Pau Monastery at http://mpaou.uth.gr/el/#

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